Being Men Chaste and Loving It


Most of the men chaste sites that I have seen online have been fantastic. Although there have been a handful that I could have done without. It seems like there are different levels of acceptance in regards to this lifestyle and some sites try to put as much humiliation into it as possible. I don’t think the humiliation aspect is all that important, personally, but I can understand how some guys out there would love it. I would much rather be under control rather than humiliated myself, but apparently not everyone else thinks that way.

Being men chaste has a lot of advantages over living your life like you have been. Instead of getting aroused by the slightest thing, you have the control to push through any situation and find the happiness that you have always wanted. That is the kind of ability that I have now and it is all because of the chastity device that I have forced myself to wear. If I wasn’t wearing one, I would probably be on my knees, begging for sex from everyone I came across again. While the sex was great, that isn’t a lifestyle that I plan on going back to anytime soon.

I will tell you that living the men chaste lifestyle is not going to be the easiest thing in the world to do. There are going to be times when all you want to do is give up completely and go back to your whoring ways. But if you stick with this you will find the control that you need to truly change your life. It will take some work on your part, but the amount of effort you put into it will be more than enough to show you the world you have always wanted to see. Unless you are just looking for something new to play around with in your life but that’s a different topic entirely.


Men Chaste and My First Adult Expo


Some of the sexiest men chaste designs I have ever seen were at an adult expo that I happened to get invited to. I never even knew things like this were happening in the world until I actually walked through the door of the expo and saw what was there. It wasn’t all that big really; just a few hundred vendors showing off things that they wanted the people to see. I felt a bit out of place but excited at the same time. It was completely new to me and I didn’t want to miss out on anything.

As I walked around the expo I realized that there was more to this men chaste lifestyle than I ever imagined. I figured it was just a bunch of guys wearing some kind of cages over their cocks and laughing at each other. But, as it turned out, there is a whole lifestyle built around wearing these devices in a manner that no one would realize they were even in the room with a guy wearing a chastity device. I was surprised by the shear amount of designs that were actually available and interested in seeing if there was any that I might want to try out.

That men chaste expo was three years ago and I am still wearing the one that I purchased that day. Granted, I have taken it off now and then to get some rest from it over those three years. But I haven’t purchased another one as of yet because of the simplicity and comfort that this one has to offer. I never would have imagined myself living this kind of lifestyle in the past. Nor would I have imagined being invited to an expo that was centered around this type of lifestyle, but I am glad that I did.


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Being Honest about the Men Chaste Lifestyle


Most of the men chaste guys I know are all great guys to hang out with, but there are a couple that simply refuse to go out in public with me. They tend to think that I randomly pull strangers over to have them discuss their chastity lifestyle with them and that simply isn’t true. I only do that when I feel the person I am with isn’t having as much fun as I think they should be having. Besides, I am also wearing a chastity device so maybe I like to tell people about it.

I have been a men chaste type of guy for a very long time and I have no issues with others knowing about what I enjoy. I have actually found other chastity lovers by doing that and we turned out to be great friends. Maybe there are some people in the world that would like to know more about chastity and they just aren’t aware of it yet. Everyone had to start in some way and having someone there to explain it to me would have been awesome in the beginning. Instead, I had to figure it all out on my own and hope I didn’t screw anything up in the process.

I guess I can understand how talking to complete strangers about their men chaste lifestyle could cause them to panic a little, but I still feel it needs to be done. People need to realize that hiding their sexual identities is what causes everyone to flip out about simple things in their lives. If we were all honest about the people we are sexually, then you would see a completely different world within a matter of days. It would be amazing to see that kind of transformation happen, but it never will as long as people are scared to tell the truth.”


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Testing the Men Chaste Life


One thing I have learned by living a men chaste life is that there are plenty of things I have taken for granted over the years. I didn’t realize that I was taking them for granted, however; at least not at the time they were happening. I always assumed that my life would be pretty basic in every aspect but, once I got involved in chastity, I found out that there are a lot of things about being basic that I simply didn’t enjoy. Now I don’t have to worry about any of that because I can be happy finally.

Not all guys that get involved in men chaste lifestyles will feel the same way that I do, but there are a good number of them that will. You will start to see that you have been missing out on something extremely important in your life by giving in to your sexual needs. That isn’t a bad thing but, once you take control of those needs, you find them much more exciting to indulge later on. Its stuff like that which keeps me locked up in this cage that I adore so much.

Give men chaste lifestyle a shot and see what it is you have been missing. I could explain all the aspects of my life it has made better but not everyone is the same. I don’t want you to feel that you missed something because you didn’t have the same experience that I have had over the years. You need to try living this lifestyle for at least a few months to see if it will be something you can handle. I am sure that if you try that you will find reasons to push forward and see what else this lifestyle has to offer you no matter what anyone else might have to say about it.

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Living the Men Chaste Life the Right Way

The men chaste items that I have on every day are created for low profile wearing. These items are designed in such a way that the people around you will never know that you have a cage over your cock unless you actually pull your pants down in the middle of a business meeting and stand on the table to show everyone. While that might seem like a fun thing to do, it is nice to not have to do it just to prove that they don’t know anything about what you’re doing. Sometimes having a secret is a good thing after all.



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I have lived with my men chaste lifestyle for a while now and finding the devices that I can wear under my clothes without everyone seeing them has been a godsend for me. I used to have a device that created a massive bulge in my pants, no matter what pants I had on, and people would always stare at me. It wasn’t a good stare, either. It was more like the stare of someone trying to figure out why I was padding my crotch to make my cock look bigger and knowing that it was under two inches big.

Since I have found these low profile men chaste devices, though, I don’t have to worry about people staring at me. I can go about my day just like everyone else and still have my device on the entire time. They are also much more comfortable than the older designs that I used to wear. In the past, I had to take my device off every couple of days to rest but, now, I can go an entire month without having to take it off even once. That makes my life much easier to deal with especially when I am out for the evening as well as going about my day.

Celebrating the Men Chaste Lifestyle


The men chaste devices that I have purchased over the last few years have been some of the most important items in my life. Everyone thinks that money is the key to true happiness, but I can tell you that isn’t right. I have all the money I could ever need to live a comfortable life, but it’s my chastity device that truly gives me the happiness I want. I know it might sound a bit strange to anyone that hasn’t worn one of these devices before, but if you give them a shot, you will find out the exact same way I did.


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You literally have to put on a men chaste device and wear it for a while in order to fully comprehend what it is going to be like for your life. You may feel a bit uncomfortable in it at first. I know I did, but give it some time for your body to get used to the way it fits. Once you are used to wearing it, you won’t even realize that you have it on most of the time anyway. Then, you can go out and enjoy your life the way you are meant to enjoy it.

Just remember that there are going to be times when having a men chaste device on will feel a bit strange, or get you into trouble. With all the security that is in place in official buildings and at airports it’s probably a good idea to forgo wearing your device if you have to use them. Other than that, I would suggest you go out and live your life the way you want to regardless of whether you are wearing a chastity device or not. You may just find that your life is much better than you ever imagined it could be.

Men Chaste Devices to Make My Cock Look Bigger


One of the greatest things about wearing a men chaste device is the control that you have over your own cock. That is one of the reasons that every guy wearing one of these devices will give when asked about it. I, however, have another reason that I enjoy wearing mine. You see, I have always had a rather small penis and, being that small, it was never possible for me to show off a bulge without packing some socks or something in my pants. But now I don’t have to do that since the device itself makes it look like my cock.


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I know this isn’t the reason to be involved in the men chaste lifestyle, but it works for me and that is all that matters. I enjoy having the control and all that, but I also enjoy being able to walk around in public and seeing people notice my bulge. I can almost see them wondering what it might look like without any clothes covering it. Of course they would be disappointed when they saw that it was a metal cage they were getting the outline of through my pants, but I don’t go around showing everyone what I look like without pants so it’s not such a big deal.

I would enjoy it a little more if I could find a men chaste device that looked more like a real penis, though. The metal cage is all fine and dandy at times, but there are some pants that I wear that it looks like I am carrying around a light bulb in my shorts. The looks I get from people when that happens is pretty entertaining for me as they try to figure out what I have in my pants, but I would rather have the attention I get when it looks like an actual cock is sticking out down there.


Men Chaste Lifestyles are Drastically Different

To the men chaste guys in the world that are telling everyone they can live their lives just as they always have been, I would like to mention that once you lock that thing in place; you aren’t living your life the same way anymore. My life consisted of going to clubs specifically to pick up someone to bring home for the night. That was all I have been doing since I got out of college and; now that I have a device on; I can’t do that anymore. Not that that isn’t a good thing; mind you. I am happy with my decision to live this way.

However, telling someone that just living the men chaste lifestyle is like living your everyday life is wrong. Some guys can go about doing everything they did in the past because they didn’t really have all that much excitement to begin with. I had all the excitement I could handle, which is one of the reasons I decided to strap on a chastity device. But my life has completely changed because of it. I no longer go to the clubs and bars every night looking for fresh meat. Instead, I am looking for an in-depth relationship now.

I know it sounds funny, but this men chaste lifestyle has changed my mindset completely. Now I want to experience my life with someone that understands why I choose to wear this device. I want that person to accept me for who I am and not just the talents I can bring into the bedroom for a couple of hours. I may sound a bit conceited and all, but I am really good in bed and there are plenty of others out there that can back me up on this. But I wear a chastity device now and save myself for that extra special person that I know is out there somewhere.


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Knowing how to Live a Men Chaste Life


So many men chaste guys are out there walking around in their chastity devices and living the lives of their dreams. They get the opportunity to focus on the things that are important to them rather than worrying if someone is seeing them with an erection. I know how that feels as I used to get erections all the time and, every time I did, someone would see it and stare at me. I got really tired of that and looked for something that could help me. That is when I came across the chastity lifestyle and all the fun I could be having.

After getting the chance to experience the men chaste lifestyle, I have found that I don’t get erections like I used to. I can go days, even without my device in place, and not have to worry about anyone seeing my cock bulging from my pants. It almost makes me feel that I am normal like everyone else and being able to live my life without the stress and hassles that everyone else has. Granted, not everyone is able to experience their life in the manner that I do, but I still enjoy it.

Some days, I completely forget about the fact that I live a mens chaste lifestyle. You tend to do that when you are wearing your device for so long that it actually becomes a part of you. It’s actually kind of interesting that wearing a chastity device for so long can actually make you think that you don’t have it on anymore. I guess it’s kind of like wearing a watch for the most part of your life. Thankfully, I don’t forget about it when the time is needed, though. I think it would be rather embarrassing if they saw my device while I was working out in the gym.


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Concealing Your Men Chaste Device


Any men chaste lifestyle changes that you are planning on making will be something that you need to think about before you get involved. I only say that because I recently changed the style of the device that I wear and found out that everyone in my office noticed a difference in the way I walked and stood. I even had my boss call me into the office because he was concerned with the way people were talking about me and the differences they noticed. I tried to convince him that there was nothing wrong since I didn’t really want to show him my device to ease his mind.

If I would have thought about the changes in my men chaste lifestyle when I purchased that change in device, then I would have worn it around the house on the weekend so that I could get used to the way it felt. Thankfully, it only took me a couple of days to get used to the way it fit and people stopped asking me if everything was okay. Now I pay a bit more attention to what I am looking at online so that I don’t make that same mistake again.

Your men chaste lifestyle can be highly exciting for you if you want it to be or it can be one of the most embarrassing things in your life. You are the one that needs to determine what you are ready to explore and should always make sure that you are ready for what people may notice. Take some time to get used to your device in the privacy of your own home before you go out into public. People will notice minute changes in you if they are around you all the time and wearing a chastity device will definitely be something they can pick up on.


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